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Anonymous said: Okay I am a 19 year old female and I masturbate everyday. Sometimes I even watch porn. I am now getting to the point of where I am bored. I am getting bored with masturbating and when i watch porn it's the same thing. I don't know how to make things more exciting.

I’m all for masturbation -really! It’s a great stress-reliever and often it just “centers” you. I will say -try not doing it every day for awhile. Even skipping several days -and don’t watch porn either. That alone should make it a bit more interesting and enjoyable for you. Also -instead of watching porn -try reading some (erotica). Reading juicy sex always does more for me than watching it. - Julie

Anonymous said: Oh when I think of kinky sex I think of toys; clamps, plugs, hand cufss, whips, blindfold etc. And also BDSM. Or very unusual positions or locations. So what kind of experience do you guys have with that?

Ooooh -I’m not going to give a laundry list of any toys I’ve tried, but I do know several people, including one couple, who very much live a BDSM lifestyle. It’s their thing, and they took me to a “real” BDSM club one night that was incredibly eye-opening! The umbrella of BDSM is a wide one -it’s not all spanking, whips, handcuffs, etc. There are people into deprivation, extreme bondage (and I mean EXTREME -think being trussed up and suspended from the ceiling or completely wrapped like a mummy in saran wrap and packing tape with only a straw and an air hole for breathing), medical “play” -lots of things. One thing I can say is that the BDSM community takes their lifestyle very seriously and takes being safe very seriously -and they should. Perhaps by their very nature, they are very responsible, rule-abiding folks! Locations -hmmm -I do love the great outdoors (as well as the occasional public bathroom and offices).   -Julie

Anonymous said: What is kinkiest sex you ladies have ever had? And the most outrageous position?

Hmmm -I’ve discussed some “kinky” experiences I’ve had in the past, but I actually think kinky is a very subjective term. It really depends on the person as to what he or she finds kinky. Some people would think sex with the same gender was kinky, but millions of gay and bisexual people don’t think so. Some people think anal sex is kinky, but then some people are shocked when they hear that others don’t do it or haven’t tried it. Most outrageous position for me? Well, it wasn’t technically a sexual position per se, but it was a contortionist act between me 5’8” and a guy who was about 6’2” in the back of a Volkswagen Golf. We were wearing that thing like a condom! - Julie

Anonymous said: Chelle may I ask what kind of cancer you had, how old you were, and how you got it at such a young age? Sorry if that's too personal.

Sure. Ovarian (malignant germ cell tumors). I was 17. they don’t know why I was so young, but most research suggests genetics. If you have any further questions or you’d like a more in-depth explanation, Please send all of the asks to my PERSONAL BLOG . I’d rather you not send it anon ( my personal is


Anonymous said: Wow they card you for lighters? Where do you live? They don't do that in my state. I've been buying lighters since I was 14. And for pyro purposes not smoking :)

Yeah, Pennsylvania cards you for anything containing butane. They also card for Spray paint and cold medicine. We had a problem with people doing a lot of aerosol “huffing” in PA. we’re fucking rebels apparently so now you have to be over 18 to buy any of it.


Anonymous said: Oh no Chelle you gotta quit smoking :(

Oh sorry, I don’t smoke cigarettes.  haha, if i have to buy lighters or cigarettes for someone in my family, they card me. I’ve already had the big C, i don’t need lung cancer as well! 


Anonymous said: Do you really think I should see a doctor already??? See I had some anxiety issues so I've been on and off my birth control since spring (trying to start a month, stopping after a week etc). And now I'm finally feeling stable so I decided to start taking it regularly again. And I have taken it regularly for like 1 1/2 months now. So I figured thats why I'm having all this irregularity.

I would see a doctor if you’re birth control is causing you anxiety. I’m not on it (for reasons stated in a past post) but i can’t imagine he’s exactly healthy to go on and off of it for months at a time without consulting your doctor. Maybe they could give you another form of it, like an IUD and then you wouldn’t have to worry about it. I’d still go and see a doctor either way, just to be sure. 


Anonymous said: Wow Chelle you look so young how old are you?

early 20’s. I have a baby face, i know. 

I still get carded for R rated movies and cigarettes.  


Anonymous said: Hey I'm the girl with the period out of wack, who had the 10 day period. Well after a week of beautiful lack of period it is back again!!! Sorry I'm just anon venting. But it's so irritating. I really hope it regulates soon cause I keep running out of period underwear lol. TMI :)

You might want to see a doctor about it if you’ve only gone one with without a period. irregularity is normal for younger girls, but if you’re like 25 and it’s still out of whack you should to go an ob/gyn.


Anonymous said: omg. my name is kristi too! XD

Come visit me!

People with awesome names are always welcome.  - Kristi